Dangar Island Beach House


This dapper and dashing home is happily perched on the shores of Dangar Island, a tiny tropical outpost (it takes barely five minutes to saunter from one side to the other) in the Hawkesbury River, North of Sydney, Australia. Reachable by ferry, the island is a motor-free zone. Packages and supplies are moved from the dock to the sole shop on the island using wheelbarrows, how quaint!

The house has a very colonial, yet beachy feel to it.  A hint of the waterside locale can be found in the scientific poster of a shellfish displayed  in the living room.

Some mid-century magic is thrown in, with the Arkana side table and modernist lamp, above.

The kitchen has been fitted out with dark cabinetry that contrasts beautifully with the white wooden ceiling.  Scuffed-enough red chairs, large metallic ceiling shades hanging by chains and a traditional storm lamp visible on the mahogony table adds to the cozy cabin-like vibe of the place.

Each of the bedrooms is decorated in a similar, yet unique style. The sage-green paneled walls, French linen grain-sack bolster cushion, and tiny deer-head nailed to the wall make me want to curl up and read an Ernest Hemingway novel at once.

The bathroom has a pair of handsome vintage sinks, beautiful brass fittings, a quirky old dental cabinet used for storage, and some rather important-looking gents to gaze over you while you’re taking a bath. Oh I say Madam, doesn’t this make quite a splash!


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