The Secret Circle Set


Now that the Secret Circle has been cancelled, we may not miss the cheesy story lines about teen witches discovering their powers…and each other, but we will miss the amazing set design. After her mother dies in a tragic accident, Cassie moves to a fictional Washington town called Chance Harbor to live with her Grandmother. The show was actually filmed in Vancouver, British Colombia.

Chance Harbor, Washington

Cassie’s Grandmother’s House

Cassie’s Bedroom Fireplace

Cassie & Emo boy Adam sitting on her wrought iron bed

Cassie’s Grandmother in her Kitchen

Cassie’s Grandmother’s Dining Room

Diana’s House

Diana’s Kitchen

Diana’s dad in the Kitchen

Faye’s Sitting Room

Faye’s Dining Room

John Blackwell’s Old House

This is the creepy old house that the teens use as their hangout where they practice their magic. It’s filled with old bottles and strange plants that they make their potions from.

Creepy Hangout

View of the Staircase

The Boathouse Grill Owned by Adam’s Dad

The Boathouse Grill is really located at a place called Sunset Marina on the road to the popular Canadian ski resort, Whistler!

Interior of the Boathouse

Watch a set tour with Chris Zylka, taken during the season finale. Zylka played Cassie’s moody next-door neighbour with a thing for both Cassie and her bitchy frenemy Faye.


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